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Catch Reports

If you have a catch report that includes the use of our baits, then you can submit it to us with 6 photos direct to our catch report page by clicking here.

Date: May 2013   Name: Terry Best   Venue: Les Quis Bay Lake

may 2013 ! with tha lakes in all sorts of trouble and the weather wetter and colder for this time of year the fishing was not as to be expected on the bay lake, still managed to pull a few out! second time used bevo, took out 25 kilo 0f boilies mainly dominator!was so impressed with the baits it actually got better as the session went on , didnt dis colour nice n hard for throwing sticks, would recomend these guys for value for money, and it catches, heres a few!! cheers all at bevo's Besty

30 mirror
34 mirror
36 mirror

Date: October 2012   Name: Brian gillman   Venue: Petit Pretre France
51 lbs 8 ons mirror carp was on dominator bait on the last day of the week fishing lake record

Date: September 2012   Name: Nick Ring   Venue: Cas-en-Lav

Hi John, Just to say we all had another fantastic week at Casenlac!! we have booked again for next year and that will be my second trip of the year. Even though the fish spawned quite late(end of July) there weights were just a taster for whats to come!!!! we had mirrors up to 59lb!!!!! and commons to 41lb and at a guess the fish were at least 3-4lb down on there best weights!!!!

We banked a true leather at 50lb and Oz's which this time last year I caught at 42lb!!!!! the fish has a huge frame so lots more to come from this one I think!!! As you have reported I managed 21 fish in total and didn't really fish the days!!!

I was using Paul's lake rolled crab as freebies and fishing a combination of his baits topped with Bevosbait skunk garlic and blackcurrant pop ups and also Bevosbait pineapple pop ups! I have got most of the guys pics now and Im just waiting for a couple more which I will send across to you. Nick Ring

54 04
51 10
47 02
42 08
41 08
42 02

Date: December 2011   Name: Nick   Venue: Private Lake
Hi Guys
Heres a pic of a low 30 caught on Bevo's The Bizz over a couple of kgs of Bevo's pellet.
Brilliant bait lads!!


Date: October 2011   Name: Mark Brookman   Venue: Local Lake
Hiya John,

After having some orange nut left over from the bcac that you kindly gave us I decided to put it to good use at my local lake. I have had some captures latley using it when other guys on the lake have been struggling for bites included this 19lb 12oz stunner. Keep an eye out for the bcac program on sky sports 4 later on in November and I hope we made the camerea's for you. Thanks again guys....

Mark Brookman

Date: September 2011   Name: Mareck   Venue: Cezch Republic DESNA 2011
Hi John,

I come to you with few words concerning the carp competition, we took in Sept. 28th to Oct. 2nd.

It was a 96 hours competition ( 3-members-teams – 4 fishhooks) named „Desna 2011 – The end of the legend“. We tried all your baits, finally the most successful were T.K.O. and Ninja Black together with glugged T.K.O. pop-up.
Our final result was – 25 carps and 209,9 kg.
The biggest on had 82 cm and 12,4 kg.

The first day was really a nightmare, after 36 hours we had no catch, after 48 hours 50 kg, after 72 hours 101 kg and after 96 hours finally 209,9 kg.

I don´t want to blame our result to bad sector, but we had flat bed with max 2 m depth and to reach 3 m depth we had to throw more then 170 m….. So even to feed the place was little bit knotty and no boat allowed.

But anyway, it was a perfect experience for us and it confirmed again, that you do great job and your bait is top quality! Because FYI, we fed only 60 kg boilie and 120 kg maize and rape, the winning team more than 600 kg boilie and 700 kg maize… So your bait is very attractive by itself!!!

So once more our big thank you for the perfect job you do!
Have a nice day!


Date: August 2011   Name: Nick Ring   Venue:
Hi Guys,

Another fish on the Awsome 'Bizz'18lb common.
Only small but one of only two caught all weekend!!
18lb common

Date: July 2011   Name: Mark Welch   Venue: Barsten BCAC Semis
Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know how the semi's went at the weekend.
It didn't start to good coming 24th out of the hat and not having a decent swim to choose from, but we ended up in section B and chose B2 which we thought would give us the best chance. We just couldn't get on the fish and befoe we knew it we were 31lb down and the guys next to us were flying, but it slowed for them and we started to catch and by Sat morning we were only 4lb behind. By Sat night though we were again about 50lb behind and not looking good. We had a decent night and got 48lb of fish and pulled it back to 20lb, but we were always up against it as the fish were always in front of them in the morning and they pulled away again on Sun morning and although we caught some more we had no chance of catching them due to the fish not moving to us until early evening and through the night. We gave it a good go and got 2nd in the section, but sadly not good enough for the final.

Thanks again for the sponser John and we think we definatly got on sky T.V. for you and Ian Poole has a fantastic photo of the pair of us with a brace of fish with me turning round due to another run on another rod which he loves and is definatly going into 1 of the carp mags if not more than 1.


Date: June 2011   Name: Attila   Venue: Hungary
Hello John,

FYI, the products had been arrived yesterday. We would like to say thank you for the nice presents. We promise that we are going to use them wisely for advertise purposes (e.g. making photos catching fishes with your product, also would like to have them as a price of a game relating to your products...).
We are starting to sell your products on our web-shop starting in July. Attached a flyer, which we are sending every month and first time including your products as a novelty product.

Thanks again and hope we need to order again soon!

Attila Loos

2011. június 20. 22:52 Ecofish Kft. Horgász és akvarisztikai nagyker írta, :
Hungart Flyer

Date: June 2011   Name: Marek   Venue: Czech Republic
We know, that the sales are still not so high but we slowly change the anglers mind and they´re starting to order. we dedicate or spend a lot of time this year mainly in getting customers, to convince them, that they should leave the old branches, because BBR is much better and keep them for the long time. We have to show them first vis a vid, your bait is not only more convenient from the price point of view, but it is the best from all sides.

And of course, we will be very happy, if we could cooperate with you on the long term basis, because we realy respect you a lot and we are confident, you are realy the best bait company we´ve ever met. Not only your bait, but also personnaly.
That´s why we do and will do promote your products as best as we could and we are absolutelly opened to any cooperation in promotion with you (right now there is an event on www.lovkapra.cz, where the 1st. prize is your bait).

So looks our strategy.

Take care


Date: May 2011   Name: Nick   Venue: Cotswold
Hi Guys,

Here's a 24lb mirror from my first trip to a new water on the Cotswold's water park.
The fishing was tough with nothing else caught on the lake, but Bevos Squid n Oct done the trick!!!!

Nick Ring

Date: May 2011   Name: Eco-Fish   Venue: HUNGARY
At the end of last week we had a fishing tour, where we were testing your products on a Hungarian lake. All testers were very satisfied with the results. You can find some photos of the results here:

Date: May 2011   Name: Marek   Venue: Czech Republic
Dear John,

I´m awfully sorry not to come back to you sooner after April 30th., but as I already wrote before, your bait is succesfull here, although we expected we would sell all the shipment sooner, but anyway, it´s top bait with many catches here and anglers are slowly but surely starting to change their traditional bait towards to yours, we sell today through not only e-shop but also through three traditional shops here in the South Bohemia, one on Zavlahy, one in Tyn upon Moldau and one in Budweis.

In the attachement I send you also some snap shots of the fish, we and other anglers cought on you bait in April 30th. and last week, the most succesfull are untill now

T.K.O. - also 3 sturgeons cought
The Dominator - big carps and one sturgeon
The BIZZ - big carps and perfect also on rivers
White Strawberry - mainly smaller fish and smaller lakes, till 3 acres
Tangi - mainly smaller carps

now it´s less of catch due to carp spawn season, but in few weeks it should be better and we are sure, there will be more success also with other bait, notwithstanding there is no bait, which wouldn´t be succesfull at all. but the 5 above are untill now realy top!

Once more my big sorry and wish you

Have a nice day!


Date: May 2011   Name: The two Marks   Venue: Private Lake
Hi John,

Just letting you know how it went on at Barston Lakes .

All went really well and we have figured out that the Orange Nut is the boilie to use. We only fished it for 12 hours and between 3 of us we had over 70 fish lol. Decided to reel in at 9pm as we wanted to get some sleep. Fished the next day for a few hours and had another 20+ fish between us. All the baits worked but the Orange Nut wasn't in the water for more than 20 mins before we had a fish everytime on it. Pop- Ups never really worked and nor did the spodd mix. It seem to be big beds of boilies worked best. Single baits and bags worked, but with the beds of baits you could hold the fish and keeps the runs going. 3 times we had all 9 rods out of the water due to mutiple takes. We used all the bait you sent us and have comfirmed that we are going to need at least 50 kilo of bait minimum.
sorry no pics

Date: May 2011   Name: Lee & Luke Carpenter   Venue:
Hi Colin
Having used your dominator and bizz boilies recently on the river ebro in Spain. Fishing short day sessions I have had lots fish to 50lb 8oz and I am exited to be using your baits in the future. Please find attached pic,s of me with a 50lb 8oz fish and a 41lb fish, also my son Luke with a 41lb and a 21lb mirror.
50lb 8oz
41lb 2oz

Date: April 2011   Name: Nick Ring   Venue: Private Lake
Another good thirty caught in march on 'Bevosbaits' The Bizz
Get on the bevos it will improve your catch rate lads!!!

Nick Ring
pretty linier 30lb

Date: April 2011   Name: Bevosbaits   Venue: Cuttle Mill
not much to say just bevosbaits work everywhere its used

Date: February 2011   Name: Nick Ring   Venue: Private
Hi Guys,

Here's a pic of a 37.12 mirror caught from a tricky private syndicate.
Once again the 'bizz' produced on a tough February 48hr session.

Nick Ring
Bermuda 37lb 12ozs

Date: February 2011   Name: Don   Venue: Bailiff Darenth
hello im don
i have been using Bevo's Bait for about 12 months and have had some very good sessions they include 5x40's 11x30's 15x20's 16 doubles and 3 singles one of them weighing 4lb most of my fish i has on the bizz
i had a total of 50 fish


Date: November 2010   Name: Chris Donovan   Venue: Drayton
Hi Colin

Ive attached a few pics from our session at Drayton. For whatever reason they didn’t put any write ups for the Nene valley area in carp talk this week so our few lines didn’t get printed (typical - maybe they will put it in next week). As I said we ended up with 34 fish between us up to 19lb. nearly all of them came to the bizz bollies topped off with the small pop ups you gave us fished snowman style over a spread of bizz so well impressed!

Ill match at Todbar Manor has just been postponed due to the weather and will now be fished in Jan/Feb next year.

We will no doubt be out somewhere when the lakes are fishable again and hopefully we bag a few for you.



p.s. dont forget to send the leaflets/price lists when the clothing comes in mate

Date: November 2010   Name: Team Bevo   Venue: Darenth Big Lake
This year’s Team Bevo took on the Darenth Big Lake team in North Kent. We have had some great results there and I would recommend it as a choice water for any serious carp and catfish angler. The Big Lake is not an easy water but it holds a good stock of very large and good specimen carp and cats, the rewards are there. The Big Lake is also responsible for the creation of The Bizz. This bait has pulled in a lot of fish, and taken off on a lot of lakes in England and France. A big thank you to “Don the Law” Darenth’s Big Lakes bailiff, after many discussions between myself and Don The Bizz was born. Dominator also took a lot of the big fish out (check out the gallery), and is still our best catching bait throughout the UK and France. Both these baits have proved themselves time and time again. Now we enter the winter and a lot of anglers have switched to our bird food mixes, available in Pink, Yellow and White. Our Pink Blackcurrant has so far pulled in big fish, the Yellow Pineapple and White Strawberry are also catching.

Date: September 2010   Name: Nick Ring   Venue: Private Syndicate
Hi Guys

Heres a pic of a 34.04 mirror caught on the bizz last week.
It was the first time I used the bait on my tricky syndicate water so was a great result!!

Im off to Casenlac today so maybe more to follow!!


Nick Ring

Date: June 2010   Name: Gary Fearon   Venue: Larkfield
Gary was field testing our new bait 'The Bizz' when he got this steaming take and landed the lake 'RECORD' a beautifull mirror weighing at 43lb we will have more news on this catch as soon as we can talk to Gary
43lb the bizz
43lb the bizz

Date: May 2010   Name: Paul Shorey   Venue: Whitevane Carp Syndicate Lake West Sussex
Hi Colin

I have attached a couple of pictures that Paul has given to me. He fished at Whitevane last week and caught a couple of nice Mirrors the first Picture the Mirror weighed in at 25.08oz the second picture again of a nice Mirror weighed in at 25.12oz I did try to upload through the gallery section but not sure if they went through so thought it would be easier this way. they were both caught on the Dominator.


25lb 8oz
25il 12oz

Date: May 2010   Name: Colin   Venue: Darenth Big Lake
decided to have a couple of days on the big lake at Darenth so got there about 2 oclock tuesday morning (11th May)and it was freezing a heavey frost my M8 spence said we were mad should at home still we pressed on and at first lite had a walk around to see what had been out.There was quite a few anglers but all were blanking. So went back to my swim and baited up a bar about 35 yards out with pellet and crushed dominator boilies soaked in 'bevosbait's'gunk and fished over the top with bevosbait's DOMINATOR boilies on the hook snowman style. Kept this up for two days although it was quite cold with a north easterly wind and heavey frost at nite. No one on the lake had caught a thing all round the Lake it was real hard fishing, I put out some more of my ground bait.pellet & crished dominator soaked in bevos gunk and it all payed off 8 30 friday morning 14th may with the optonic sreaming out on a full blooded run Ten minuits later I had banked a 34lb mirrow in pristine condition just a fitting end to a hard session thanks to bevosbait
34lb darenth PB
34 Darenth PB

Date: May 2010   Name: Martin Batchalor   Venue: Whitevane Carp Syndicate Lake West Sussex
A 3 day stint on Whitevane Carp Fishery Syndicate Lake, West Sussex, produced a 3 fish catch.

Using free offerings of Fatal AttractIon boilies and added in some Dominator and BBR particle mix I fished 2 rods using a safety bolt rig with sufix camo braided hair with 18mm & 14mm Dominator boilies and wide gape size 4 hook, attached a stringer lightly dipped in Dominator glug fished 1 rod 70 yards into Gravel Bar resulting in a 10lb Mirror, followed by a 12lb Mirror, the other rod to a man made Island also at 70 yards dropping off around a 1ft from the island which resulted in this lovely 29lb 6oz Mirror,
I am awaiting confirmation that I was the first to catch her as this is one of 20 new fish which Adam put in just before Christmas if so then i get to name her, which would make a fantastic end to my session.

Cheers Martin
29lb 6oz
29lb 6oz

Date: April 2010   Name: David Holmes/ Lee Cooper   Venue: France
we have just got back and the dominator really did well for us,acounting for many sturgeon including the lake record sturgeon at 87lb,(french record according to Frank the lake owner), as well as carp to 41.5lb. Photos will be sent to carp magazines here and will feature in several german magazines (as a german team were doing a piece on the venue)stating the fish were caught on Bevos Dominator boilies.
87 lb Sturgeon
87 lb Sturgeon
41.5 lb Carp

Date: April 2010   Name: John Bevan using new bait   Venue: Casenlac
we have been trialing our new wonder bait 'FATAL ATRACTION'both in th UK and abroad with great succsess so I tried it myself as you should with a great result.2x 50 to 51lb 50z 3x40 to 46lb 5x30 to 39lb and a few upper 20's as well so what can I say 'get on it Lads and see your catch rate improve
51lb 5oz

Date: April 2010   Name: Bevos   Venue:
want the latest from us all the latest on new baits and how all our baits have faired over the last 12 months, then follow our Blogg

Date: March 2010   Name: Alex Franklin Field Tester   Venue:
first fish on the bait mate a 18lb 6oz common caught on them pop ups you gave me fished pva bag of pellet and boille over a big bed of the dominator boillies.
lets hope i have some more mate had them proper grubing around when stalking this morning but couldnt buy a bite they certainly was loving the bait.

Well Done Alex from BBR
Alex Franklin 18lb 6oz

Date: February 2010   Name: Team Bevo   Venue: Darenth Big Lake
After our excellent catch rate at the Darenth long lake we decided to join the Darenth Big Lake and here is the latest from the lake
Wilfred Bevan 18lb
Colin Bevan 32lb
Colin Batchelordor 14lb

Date: November 2009   Name: Mike cullen   Venue: Private Lake
hi colin,

don't know if you remember but i spoke to you a few week back,anyway i ended up going for the dominator(and added plum to stop the missus moaning)..i went on my first carp session on a water where not many fish have been coming out. but i managed to have 5 fish out,so to say I'm happy is a understatement, so cheers for the bait.......ps do you roll them in smaller sizes say 8mm-10mm?and do you sell any clothing tshirts etc...mikesent you a pic of the best looking 1

Date: October 2009   Name: Melvin   Venue: Cas En Lac France
44.7lb Mirror
35.4lb Mirror
37.5lb Mirror
28.4lb Mirror

Date: October 2009   Name: Wilfred Bevan   Venue: Cas En Lac France
An outstanding trip once again at the Cas En Lac in France some great catches a definate must for the serious carp angler.
24 lb Mirror
28lb Mirror
30lb Common
30lb Mirror
28lb Mirror
35lb Mirror

Date: October 2009   Name: Colin Bevan   Venue: Cas En Lac France
Another fantastic Frech carping holiday at the Cas En Lac
37lb 8oz Mirror
37lb 8oz Mirror

Date: October 2009   Name: Spence   Venue: Cas En Lac France
Its early September and I am on my first fishing trip to France, the Cas en Lac Lake , also on board are some good friends that have been before and caught very well on the trip to the Cas en Lac lake the previous year
On arrival at Lake we were greeted by a beautiful setting right in the heart of the French Country side. Paul the Bailiff and co owner of the lake gave us a warm greeting with a bottle of beer and a cup of tea.
There were 7 of us in total and had a choice of 13 amazing swims set in 24 acres of Lake. On came the draw for order of choice I stood back while everyone else grabbed a token from the bag , last token in the bag was number 2, I was very happy with that. Wilfy who had pulled the first choice of swim from the bag set off in front of all the others to select which swims we would take. I chose swim 1 below

After the usual setting up I baited my areas with air dried oily chicken boilies 18mm as freebies and a 22mm as a hook bait made and dried by Bevo’s Baits and its GAME ON!
All in all a fantastic weeks fishing at the Cas en lac, our thanks to John and Paul the owners, the trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a lot of PB’s broken for many of us
We would all highly recommend this lake to any serious carp angler

Cas en Lac
Cas en Lac
31lb 8oz Mirror
49 lb 13 oz Personal Best
18lb Mirror

Date: September 2009   Name: Geoff Petho   Venue: Darenth
Just to say since useing the DOMINATOR mine and Steve.s catches have gone sky high a great bait my advice to anyone is get on the DOMINATOR

Date: May 2009   Name: Geoff Ross   Venue:
May bank holiday i set off to Darenth Long Lake for a 48 hr carp fish, loaded with my favourite boilie the Dominator from Bevos Bait Rolling i set up at the far end of the lake,
All there is left to say is WOW i caught a 110lb catfish which put up a good fight for 30mins but circumed in the end.
What a night must be a record!

The Dominator never ceases to amaze me. would reccommend to any one
Thanks again all at Bevos Bait.

Date: May 2009   Name: Paul Vincent   Venue: Cas-en-Lac
Done really well useing the Euro had a 52 & 55lb 3 forty's to 49lb 9 thirty's to 39lb 10oz and 12 twentys to 29lb.

Date: April 2009   Name: Contiued Easter at Darenth   Venue:

Date: April 2009   Name: Contiued Easter at Darenth   Venue:

Date: April 2009   Name: Contiued Easter at Darenth   Venue:

Date: April 2009   Name: Contiued Easter at Darenth   Venue:

Date: April 2009   Name: Colin Bevan   Venue: Darenth - Long Lake
Its the Easter holidays and my good friend Paul Harvey and I are at the Darenth long lake in Kent. After my six day stint there I will go with that the lakes at Darenth are well looked after, has a fantastic club house and the people that run are great hosts.

The long lake is about 1 1/2 acres and is stocked with beautiful specimen carp up to 40lB's and cat fish ranging up to 90lB's. It's not an easy lake to fish at, you will have to do some homework if you want to succeed there.

Paul and I set up camp on the near side bay, which was perfect as we had a few kid's to accommodate, dangerous Dave Parker and new novice angler set up on the far bank. During the week we had several friends that turned up for 24 and 48 hour sessions. It looks like I had the best spot as I was able to pull in 19 carp ranging in weight up to 21 1/2 lB's.

My nephew Eddie Bevan came for a 48 hour session and managed to bag himself 14 ranging up to 28lB's
Another friend Dick turned up with his dad they bagged 3 between them ranging up to to 20lB's.
Dangerous Dave Parker aka poacher Dave bagged 3 carp up to 26lB's.
My partner in crime Paul Harvey bagged 7 carp to include a 32lB mirror and a 27lB mirror
In total 53 carp were caught along with the 32lB cat fish which were all caught with the highly successful dominator boilie. Click here to find out more about our dominator boilie.

Date: January 2009   Name: The Colonel   Venue: Kent & Sussex
Despite growing up in the carp world and rolling bait for Bevos Baits on and off over the years, I actually only started fishing in September 07.
Upon hearing of my fishing adventures and fine catching record, quite a few of my friends decided to take up carp fishing as well. This is how we created the Novice field testing team.
All of us, as novices to the fishing game, have caught well.
The results speak for themselves.
Simon Lights, , has been fishing since November 07 and has a Personal Best of 36lb.
Wilfred Bevan, pictured with his Personal Best of 30lb, has been fishing since February 08.
Ralph Richards has been fishing since 2006. He has a Personal best of 32lb and has a 36lb cat fish under his belt.
Colin Bevan, fishing since September 07, have my Personal best at 30lb and a rake of 20lb fish to my name.
Jeffery Ross has been fishing for a few years. He has caught a few 50lb carp in France and a Personal Best English carp of 29lb 8 ounces.
Jimmy Plaistow was bought out of retirement 6 months ago; he is an old hat and on his first outing bagged this 26lb beauty.
Simon 36lb
Wilf 30LB
Ralph 32lb
Colin 30lb
Jeff 29lb 8oz
Jim 26lb

Date: July 2008   Name: Colin Bevan   Venue: Beaver Farm
After some great sessions at Darenth and Elphicks lakes, I decided to take my team of novice anglers to Beavers Fisheries at East Grinstead, to field test our very own, quality prepared, fishmeal boilies, the Dominator and Double Agent. We have been using and providing the Dominator for years but Double Agent at this time was brand new.

We, as novices, had some great results throughout our 1st year of carping, which only goes to prove that Bevos Bait provide ‘top notch’ bait and we swear by its consistency. Double Agent is my own creation, it has secret additives and it works. Beaver Fisheries is a fantastic complex, with nine lakes, 2 of which are specimen lakes. We chose to fish ‘The Snipe Lake’, which is 2 and half acres of beautiful water, with 2 islands close to one another, over hanging trees and lily pads. This lake holds Carp up to 45lb and Catfish up to 70lb.

Click here to read the full report.
13lb 4oz
Lovely Common
Simons Mirror
Simons PB 31lb
Wilfs PB 30lber
Even the Cats like it!


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